5 easy ways to earn Hawaiian Air Miles

How to earn Hawaiian Air Miles easily

Do you have a Hawaiian airlines credit card? Well, you are probably itching to start earning some Hawaiian Airlines air miles. After all, the more air miles you have, the more destinations you can travel to, effectively ‘free of charge’. On this page, we are going to look at five easy ways that you can start drumming up some Hawaiian Airlines air miles with your card.


Every time you book a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you can earn air miles. In fact, you can earn air miles on flights that you took with the airline before you even signed up for the card. This is one of only a few airlines out there which offers that. In addition to this, the company also offers air miles if you fly with one of their partner airlines. These airlines do change on a regular basis, so you will need to put your research in here!

Book a hotel

If you are flying somewhere, then you will probably need somewhere to stay too. Therefore, you will probably want to look into the idea of booking a hotel with your card. From time to time, there are partner hotels on offer from Hawaiian Airlines. If you book through one of these partner hotels, you will be able to earn even more air miles on your trip!hawaiian airlines

Rent a car

Once you land wherever Hawaiian Airlines is taking you, then you probably are going to need a way to get around. You do not want to travel on public transport all of the time, it is a LOT of hassle! Therefore, you may want to look into renting a car. Again, from time to time, Hawaiian Airlines does have partners that you can book through. If you book through one of the Hawaiian Airlines partners, you will be able to earn more on your purchase than you normally would!


Seriously, you have a credit card, so spend money on it. Every time that you shop using your card, you will earn air miles. It really is as simple as that! From time to time, there are ‘partner’ shops. If you make a purchase through one of these partner shops, then you will earn even more air miles on your purchases!

Register your cards on the Hawaiian Miles Marketplace

It does not just have to be your Hawaiian Airlines card, a multitude of credit or debit cards can be registered on the marketplace. This marketplace is jam-packed with some of the biggest brands around. You can buy food, you can buy drink, you can buy clothes, and you can buy electronics. Each and every purchase that you make through the Marketplace will earn you air miles! Since you will be shopping at these places anyway, you may as well get something for the hassle!

As you can see, earning miles is dead simple. Just use your card like normal. You will earn all of those miles pretty quickly!

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